Grid Balance

There has to be a perfect balance in the electricity grid at all times. The balance is kept by operating flexible production and consumption units and by importing and exporting electricity. The Transition System Operator (TSO) has the overall system responsibility for this. The balance responsible parties such as Neas Energy are responsible for assisting the TSO by keeping the balance of the electricity that they traded or by offering flexibility to the TSO.

An electrolyzer is a flexible electricity consumption unit that can be utilized as an asset by a balance responsible party for using electricity when the prices are low or to offer ancillary services in order to maintain the balance in the grid.

By nature wind power is fluctuating and requires adequate flexibility options to ensure balance in the electricity grid. Dynamic PEM electrolyzing offers such flexibility using electricity when the prices are low or there is a need for balancing and transforming it into hydrogen.

The HyBalance project will develop a model. In this model the operation of the hydrogen plant is simulated on hourly basis in relation to hourly power prices, the need for balancing the electricity grid and hydrogen demand. The expected resultsĀ of the project includeĀ determining the electricity threshold price for hydrogen production.