Short video about the HyBalance project

The HyBalance plant is soon ready for testing production of hydrogen, based upon power from wind turbines. The project will demonstrate how the grid can be balanced through production of hydrogen, and how the storage of energy as hydrogen can be transformed into the mobility sector. Learn about the project in this short video.

Electrolyser is craned in place

On June 14, 2017, the HyBalance project reached a milestone. On this day, the electrolyser unit was installed on what will become one of Europe’s most advanced facilities for the production of hydrogen, primarily produced from wind power.  Watch the video and see how the 1.2 MW PEM electrolyser is installed at the HyBalance site in Hobro, Denmark.

Learn about the HyBalance project in this video

The video tells the story of why HyBalance is important as a project that demonstrates the use of hydrogen i energy systems: How hydrogen will be produced from water electrolysis, enabling the storage of cheap renewable electricity from wind turbines. And how this will help balance the grid and at the same time deliver green hydrogen for clean transportation and the industrial sector.