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9 May, 2018

The HyBalance project will be presented at the Danish event “Gastekniske dage” organised by the Danish Gas Association. View more about the event (in Danish) here.


18 April, 2018

Martin Troeger, Business Development Manager, Hydrogenics Europe spoke at the Conference on Clean Buses in Europe at the InterContinental Amstel in Amsterdam, where he also presented the HyBalance project. View more about the conference here.


18 April, 2018

Rasmus Vejle, Plant Manager, Air Liquide presented The HyBalance project and the progresses in the field of electrolysis when it comes to producing hydrogen at the anniversary of the Danish Hydrogen Sector of Industry “Brintbranchens årsdag 2018” organised by “Brintbranchen”. View more about the Danish event here. (in Danish)


17-19 April, 2018

Denis Thomas, EU Regulatory Affairs, Hydrogenics Europe presented the HyBalance project at the 18th Global Energy Village 17-19 April 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. View more about the conference here.

Preben Birr-Pedersen. BusinessAalborg, Aalborg Kommune. Foto: © Michael Bo Rasmussen / Baghuset. Dato: 10.05.16

10 April, 2018

Preben Birr-Pedersen, Cluster Manager, House of Energy presented the HyBalance project at an event, arranged by The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA. View more about the event here (in Danish)


13 March, 2018

Hydrogenics Europe presented the HyBalance project at the 14th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference in Birmingham, UK. View more about the conference here.

Hydrogen and fuel cells energy summit

24-25 January, 2018

Denis Thomas, EU Regulatory Affairs, Hydrogenics Europe, presented the HyBalance project at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Energy Summit in Brussels, Belgium. View more about the summit here.

Indisk ambassør besøger HyBalance site

4 January, 2018

The Ambassador of India to Denmark, Mr. Ajit Gupte (no 2 from left on the picture), visited the HyBalance site.

HyBalance Brussels

23 November, 2017

The HyBalance project was presented at the annual FCH-JU Programme Review Days, which took place in Brussels on Thursday and Friday 23-24 November 2017.


4 August, 2017

The two Danish politicians and traffic spokesmen, Kristian Pihl Lorentzen from the Liberal Party and Rasmus Prehn from the Social Democratic party visited the HyBalance site on 4 August. They got a tour at the HyBalance facility together with the Mayor of Mariagerfjord municipality Mogens Jespersen.


22 June, 2017

A delegation, organised by the Hansa Green Tour Foundation, visited the HyBalance site.

Hans-Jørgen Brodersen

14 June, 2017

Hans-Jørgen Brodersen, Project Manager at Hydrogen Valley, presented the HyBalance project at the International Conference on Electrolysis ICE2017 in Copenhagen.

Lars Udby presenting HyBalance

29 April, 2017

Lars Udby, CEO of Hydrogen Valley, presented the HyBalance project at an event, organised within the framework of the Danish Science Festival.

19 April, 2017

Executive director of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, Bart Biebuyck visited the HyBalance site in Hobro, Denmark, and was given an introduction to the HyBalance project.

23 March, 2017

Hans-Jørgen Brodersen and Marie-Louise Arnfast from Hydrogen Valley presented the HyBalance project to a French delegation, whose visit was arranged by Invest in Denmark


13 February, 2017

Hydrogenics Europe hosted the Factory Acceptance Ceremony of the HyBalance 1.2 MW PEM electrolyser in Oevel, Belgium. See pictures and presentations from the event here.

den danske brint og brændselscelledag2

10 November, 2016

Lasse Helleskov Ravn, Neas Energy, presented the HyBalance project at the “Danish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day” in Odense, Denmark.


13 June, 2016

Jan Vaes, Hydrogenics, presented the HyBalance project at the “21st World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2016″ in Zaragoza, Spain.


8 June, 2016

Bruno Forget, CHN, presented the HyBalance project at the roundtable-event “Hydrogen2Storage & Transport in Denmark” in Copenhagen, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

20150211_120103 (1)_

4 May, 2016
Marie-Louise Arnfast, Hydrogen Valley, presented the HyBalance project at the “Gastekniske Dage” event. See the program here and the presentation here (both in Danish)


16 April, 2016
Lars Udby, CEO of Hydrogen Valley, presented the HyBalance project at the event: ‘Excess power – what to do with it?’ Eighty professionals from the energy sector in the Northern region of Denmark participated in the event. See the presentation (in Danish).


12 April, 2016
Lars Udby, CEO of Hydrogen Valley, presented the HyBalance project at the annual meeting of the Danish Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. See his presentation.

2016-04-04 13.38.14

4 April, 2016

Danish Minister cut first sod

On 4 April, 2016, the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt cut the first sod for the facility that will deliver hydrogen from 2017 as part of the HyBalance project.

The facility is to be located near Hobro in northern Denmark.

At the event, the minister said: ”Hydrogen is one of the technologies which we will focus on in the future. I am therefore very pleased that Denmark, with this facility, is positioning itself at the forefront. We will be able to show that we are leading the way. That this not just talk but no action, but something that is taking place in the real world”.

The event was also attended by the Mayor of Mariagerfjord Municipality, Mogens Jespersen, who said: “This facility will be very important, and we have already received requests from other companies, who are interested in relocating in the same area solely because of the location of the coming hydrogen factory. It will mean a great deal for us. This is just the beginning of something really big.”

Lars Udby, CEO of the Danish partner Hydrogen Valley, thanked Air Liquide and the other partners in the project as well as FCHJU and for helping realise the project, which has been underway for almost three years. 

See media coverage from TV2 Nord and (both in Danish)